,Dr. Erhan Yildiz, Consultant, USA 

  8:00 am Welcome and Opening Remarks, Dr. Sefa Koseoglu, Bioactives World Forum, USA
  8:05 am

Introduction to Microencapsulation, Dr. James Oxley, Southwest Research Institute, USA

  8:35 am Commercial Applications & Market Review – Microencapsulation, Dr. Marc Meyers, Meyers Consulting, USA
  9:15 am Fluid-Bed Granulation and Agglomeration Fundamentals, Mr. Edward Godek, Glatt Air Techniques, USA
  9:40 am Update on Materials Used in Microencapsulation, Dr. Gary Reineccius, University of Minnesota, US
10:20 am Coffee/Tea Break – Networking 
10:50 am Economics of Various Controlled Release Processes, Dr. James Oxley, Southwest Research Institute, USA
11:15 pm Wurster Fluid Bed Coating:  Scope, Project Assessment, Feasibility/Proof of Concept Studies, Scale-up, and Product Formulation, Mr. Charles Frey, Coating Place inc., USA
11:40 am Coacervation & Chemical Processing – Creating Functional Ingredients, Dr. James Oxley, Southwest Research Institute, USA
12:05 am Spray Dry Encapsulation Technology: Development and Scale-up
12:35 pm Networking Lunch
1:50 pm Extrusion Technology for Microencapsulation
2:15 pm Flavor Encapsulation: Fundamentals and Opportunities, Dr. Robert M. Sobel, McFONA International Inc., USA
2:40 pm Beverage Emulsion and Encapsulation Applications, Ms. Afaf Makarious, Ingredion, USA
  3:05 pm Coffee/Tea Break – Networking
  3:30 pm Encapsulation by Granurex® – Fluid Bed Rotor: Relevant Parameters, Mr. Timothy J. Smith, Freund Vector, USA
  3:55 pm Nano-Encapsulates – Commercial Applications, Mr. Charles Brain, Ingredients Innovations Intl., USA
  4:20 pm

Study of microencapsulation in applications and model systems, Dr. Gary Gray, TasteTech, UK

  4:45 pm Encapsulation of Hydrocolloids to Optimize Solubilizing Properties, Dr. Erhan Yildiz, Consultant, USA
  5:10 pm Longer Lasting Flavor Release in Chewing Gum with Microencapsualtion, Dr. Marc Meyers, Meyers Consulting, USA
  5:35 pm Program Ends