Microencapsulation Americas & Europe


This course provides a comprehensive summary of particle technology, microencapsulation chemistry, review of processing steps, materials, and applications. Economics of product development will be also discussed Speakers from industry and academia will review use of different materials and their effect on stability, loading and product quality. In addition, the experts from industry will cover microencapsulation applications, case studies and product tasting using commercially available samples. It is a practical crash course for marketing, technical and plant personnel, and it also provides the opportunity for experienced participants to meet experts in the field to discuss their current problems and enhance their product innovation or plant operation. Program is also designed for recent graduates and newcomers to food, pharma and dietary supplement industries, processors; product formulators; chemists and technicians; and marketers and business managers who desire to be familiar with particle technology and microencapsulation.

Table Top Exhibitor and Sponsor

Visits to Companies and Technology Demonstrations

  • Visit to Glatt Air Techniques Inc., Ramsey, NJ,  Facilities.
  • Visit to Brabender, Hackensack, NJ,  Facilities.
  • Visit to ParagonPure, Rocky Hill, NJ.  Facilities.