Ronald van't Oever
Global MBR Product Manager
Pentair Filtration & Process

Ronald Van ‘t Oever graduated from Technical University in Food Technology in 1987. In 1993, he worked in the Stork’s membrane business unit where he had several positions in applying and selling tubular membranes. Van’t Oever is the co-inventor of the Airlift process that is applied in 150+ plants worldwide.

Stork was acquired by X-Flow in 2000 and he continued, working with membranes in various positions including global product manager for wastewater membranes.

X-Flow was purchased by Pentair in 2011, where he serves as the Global Product Manager of Wastewater and Oil Applications.

High Performance Helix-Shaped Tubular Membranes: Case Studies in Food Industry

In the search of membrane enhancements a newly shaped membrane, tubular in nature was developed. By adding a helical shape within the membrane, performance of membrane jumped from 20 – 80% compared to standard smooth membrane tubes. The presentation covers the development of the membrane and its enhancements further in a case study on treating several full scale plants within the food industry applying the new membrane. In particular anaerobic MBRs have shown great improvements on performance using the new helix membrane. In few dairy plants this is already shown in full scale units. However also for the aerobic MBR plants, impressive performance increase is supporting further cost reduction for wastewater treatment.