Ole Rasmussen
Technical Manager
FOSS North America

Ole Rasmussen was born in Denmark and moved to Canada for a one year adventure. He then met his wife, Annette, and built a life in Brampton, Ontario with their two sons. Ole recently became a very proud grandfather to a little girl. Ole’s professional life is focused on working with mid and near infrared analyzers for the analysis of proximate analysis in most dairy and food products for more than 30 years. This involves building multivariate calibration models that can model and predict composition of highly complex product matrices i.e. membrane produced products. He also works closely with the QC/QA dairy plant personnel and assists in many day to day questions.

Inline Milk Standardization by Commercial In-Line Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Analyzer: Review of Plant Scale Data

The MilkoStream (MSt) is an inline Mid-Infrared analyzer. The typical parameters controlled/monitored are fat and protein. The device consists of an analyzer box and a probe mounted directly into the process stream. The box is connected to power as well as to a PC via a network connection. The PC is required to in order to collect the data and also controls a number of parameters in the device. The PC software can in turn be connected directly to the control system (SCADA) and allows for full remote control of the device – enabling an automated control loop. Typical applications to-date has focused on mostly milk type products i.e. cheesemilk standardization or standardization for the production of dairy powders. The main priority at this early stage has been on the analytical performance as well as how to properly utilize the large amount of data to optimize the process.