Lloyd Metzger
Professor and Alfred Chair in Dairy Education, South Dakota State University, Dairy Science Department
, Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center

Dr. Lloyd Metzger is a Professor and Alfred Chair in Dairy Education at South Dakota State University. He is the Director of the Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center and the Institute for Dairy Ingredient Processing. He also serves as executive secretary of the North Central Cheese Industry Association.

Metzger obtained his Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Dairy Manufacturing from South Dakota State University and his doctorate in Food Science from Cornell University. Prior to joining South Dakota State University he was employed as a research scientist at General Mills and as an Assistant and Associative Professor in the Food Science and Nutrition department at the University of Minnesota- St. Paul.

His expertise is in the area of cheese and dairy ingredient manufacture and analysis. In 2005, Metzger was recognized by the American Dairy Science Association with the ADSA Foundation Scholar Award and in 2009 he received the American Dairy Science Association Cargill Flavor Systems Food Specialties Award.

Membrane Application Development: Technology, Science and Commercialization

In the last 20 years there has been an incredible advancement in membrane based filtration technology. This advancement has created the opportunity to leverage our knowledge base of the nutritional and functional characteristics of milk components and develop membrane based refining processes that can be utilized to economically isolate individual milk components. This presentation will discuss how membrane technology has been developed and applied to produce the latest generation of products from milk and whey.