Hans Maron
Vice President of Operations / Supply Chain
fairlife, LLC

Mr. Maron has spent 35 years in the dairy and meat industry either as an owner or management. Hans started with the Good Cow Company in early 2000 which is known today as fairlife, LLC.

During the early years of Good Cow he developed concentrated milk products and used filtration to create patented products for food service and later commercial products for private companies.

Today Hans manages operations along with all bulk customers and supply chain activities including dairy and dry ingredients for fairlife.

End User Perspective: How Fairlife Created a Proprietary Ultrafiltration Process that Boosts the Natural Protein and Calcium Found in Milk and Reduces its Natural Sugars

The story of fairlife starts with the idea that milk is one of nature's most perfect foods. It supports life at birth. It grows strong muscles and bones. It sustains healthy bodies. Milk has been reshaped into thousands of drinks, cultured products, cheeses, desserts, and the best fat by far, butter. We will discuss how the company got started, our journey, our offerings, and some of our thoughts towards the future.