George Hutson
ProSpect Analytical Technology Inc.

George E. Hutson is owner and President of ProSpect Analytical Technology Inc., a supplier of in-line near infrared (NIR) analytical process control equipment since 2012. Prior to that, George was the owner and President of Filtration Engineering Co. Inc., a designer and manufacturer of membrane processing equipment for the dairy industry founded in 1982.

Optimize Your Membrane Process with In-Line NIR Analyzer Technology

Dairy processors can stay ahead of their competition and improve productivity and profit by adding in-line near infrared (NIR) analysis and control to their production lines. Optimizing the accuracy of achieving their formula targets boosts yield and product quality. This can be accomplished at any stage—from incoming raw material through work in progress to the finished product for a variety of dairy applications. Processors who implement real time in-line NIR analysis are able to control their production to tighter variances and average a 50% reduction in their standard deviation.