Dominique Blackman
General Manager
Realzyme LLC



  • Master in “Business and Engineering” in 1989 from University Catholic of Louvain-­‐ La-­‐Neuve, Belgium
  • MBA in August 2000, University of Dayton, OH
  • Marketing Director for Flowserve Corporation (1990-­‐2009) world leader in industrial pumps, mechanical seals and valves
  • Co-­‐founder of Realzyme LLC and is now the General Manager of Realzyme, located in Springboro OH


Fouling Analysis Kit: A Unique Non-Destructive Procedure to Assess Organic, Mineral and Biofilm Fouling

As an expert of enzymatic membrane cleaning, Realco has developed a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions to ensure optimal productivity of filtration equipment. To optimize the filtration process, efficient cleaning is a key concern.

Thanks to its non-destructive Fouling Analysis kit, Realco is able to clearly identify the nature of residues that may reduce equipment efficiency. The conclusion of this audit will allow the recommendation of the most effective cleaning procedure that will remove all stubborn residues which may consist of organic, mineral or biofilm compounds.

During this presentation, based on industrial cases, you will learn how to proceed with the Fouling Analysis kit, how to interpret results and how to recommend the most effective cleaning.