Bruce Blanchard
Business Development, Dairy

Bruce is a native of the state of Vermont, completing his undergraduate studies in Dairy Science and Chemical Engineering at the University of Vermont and later earning his MBA from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He has more than 25 years of experience in process engineering and technical sales into the sanitary process industries. He joined GEA in 2002 and currently serves a role in business development of the GEA North American dairy solutions business.

Reducing Effluent Discharge by Efficient Water Reuse in Dairy Plants

Global water usage has been a hot topic for decades with corporations representing the leading edge of the battle to reduce both water consumption and the emissions resulting from their activities. The dairy industry has done its share. Companies the world over have invested heavily in water-saving technology to both reduce costs and protect the environment. Improvements in technology and practices coupled with greater managerial awareness are quickly moving the industry toward zero-net use targets.

This presentation will review a series of case studies exploring strategies for water recovery, treatment, and reuse within dairy processing facilities.